The Community Chest

The Community Chest of Hong Kong is an independent, non-profit making organisation neither funded, nor operated by the Government.

Its goal

to work for the betterment of Hong Kong through the support by millions… The Community Chest works hard to accomplish daunting fund-raising target year after year and allocates these funds entrusted by the public to 163 social welfare agencies.  These agencies, with their tight networks of over 2,600 service units, provide services to the elderly, the mentally and physically impaired, children, youths and families at risk, the ex-mentally ill, ex-offenders, the terminally ill, and many others.

Administrative cost is subsidised by the generous annual grant from The Hong Kong Jockey Club and prudent investment in various funds.  Therefore, the Chest is very proud to be one of the few fund-raising bodies in the world who boasts of 100% allocation of funds to the beneficiaries without any deduction for administrative expenses.

In Hong Kong, for Hong Kong

The Chest helps to channel much needed resources to local social welfare development to benefit the many needy.  Every year, over 2 million needy benefit from your generosity.