Enrolment Form
YES, please enrol us for Dress Casual Day 2016 to be held on Thursday, 6 October 2016, and provide the following materials for our internal promotion of the event:
  pcs of poster(s) 
   Soft copy of the poster 
Our School will not be able to join Dress Casual Day on 6 October 2016, we will organise the event on
Year   Month   Day   , and provide   posters for our internal promotion of the event.
( For schools only )
Our organisation/school will not be able to participate in this event, but we would like to support by making a donation of
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1. Organisation/School Information
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 Hong Kong  Kowloon  New Territories
2. Contact Person
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3. Other Information
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Estimated No. of Participants:
Stickers will be distributed according to the estimated no. of participants.
Estimated Amount of Donation:  
Our organisation/school would like our donations to
 to be distributed by Chest to member agencies
 to be designated to one of the following services # 
 Children & Youth Services Community Development & Other Services  Elderly Services
 Family and Child Welfare Services  Medical & Health Services  Rehabilitation & Aftercare Services
 Other Services, please specify: 
# For detailed information of the social welfare services supported by the Chest, please visit our website.
4. A notice will be sent to your organisation/your school by email for the collection / delivery of Dress Casual Day promotional materials.
Our organisation/school will collect the promotional materials from the Chest office.
(Address: Unit 1805, 18/F Harcourt House, 39 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong)
Please deliver the promotional materials to our organisation/school . (Delivery Service will be offered to those who enrol before 21 September 2016)
5. Information of Chief Executive / Principal / Representative
Same as contact person.
Mr. Ms. Mrs.
Name: Last Name:
First Name:

Data collected will be used to keep your Company / Organisation updated with The Community Chest's fund-raising events, marketing & promotional activities, newsletters, volunteer services, surveys to collect donor opinions, donor acknowledgement and receipt issuance. If your Company / Organisation does not wish to receive information on the Chest's future activities, please tick the box and send this form to the Chest office.
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