Dress Casual Day has become popular with more and more participants every year since its inception in 1993.

Each participant donates HK$70 or more (no minimum is set for students) to take part. Put on your favorite casual wear to work or to learn for a good cause, no matter where you are.

To make it more fun, different event theme will be adopted and various activities will be held every year. The theme for this year is we CARE we WEAR.

Be gentle and kind to make people feel touched with our solicitude.
we CARE we WEAR”!

This year, Tencent Charity Foundation will join hands with The Community Chest of Hong Kong to initiate a donation matching for the Dress Casual Day, which will make an extra donation of HK$20 for every participant joining the Dress Casual Day 2022 with a total cap of HK$10 million. As the message of “Together for Good” conveyed by the “Little Safflower”, we hope to encourage more participation and more funds could be raised to benefit the needy in Hong Kong, making every small act of kindness more powerful than it seems.

Together for Good!

What is “Little Safflower”?

“Little Safflower” is composed of five love hearts, each and every petal of which represents love and caring. As the proverb says, many little streams make a mighty river, we hope everyone can recognize that every “small kindness” in daily life could be accumulated and transformed into a “great love”, making a great positive impact in the community.

Tencent’s charity platform uses the “Little Safflower” to keep track of every good charitable behavior from users and advocate public welfare as a lifestyle. Users can obtain the “Little Safflower” by performing charitable activities such as donating money, steps donation, and participating in charity quizzes. The “Little Safflower” can be relayed towards charitable programs which encourage participants to continue their good deeds and become lasting volunteers and donors.

The 2022 Community Chest Dress Casual Day has a fun activity for everyone - The Community Chest Facebook Messenger we CARE we WEAR prize game.

Participants must like The Community Chest Facebook page, send a text message “wecarewewear” or “togetherforgood” to The Community Chest Facebook Messenger or click the game link on specific post (we CARE we WEAR prize game#) published on The Community Chest Facebook, follow the instructions and answer the questions to get the game result. Participants can then share the game results to their personal Facebook accounts by clicking the “Share” button (set as a public post), with the hashtag #wecareweweartogetherforgood (this hashtag is auto-generated by system, participant is not required to type the hashtag manually) as well as a positive message of “we CARE we WEAR Together for Good” to share with friends and will stand a chance to win prizes!

The Chest will shortlist 211 content among the entries. 5 selected awardees with the most impressive content and matched theme will get a Free Shoes Voucher sponsored by SKECHERS (to redeem any price for one pair of shoes); the following 6 selected awardees will get a UV+OZONE Sterilizer Bag sponsored by German Pool (value at HK$880); the remaining 200 shortlisted participants will each get a Centralin Speed Foaming Automatic Dispenser sponsored by WL Centralin (HK) Co., Limited (value at HK$239.90).

Each awardee will receive a Little Safflower Commemorative Badge, Cushion and Reusable Shopping Bag sponsored by Tencent Charity Foundation.

UV+OZONE Sterilizer Bag
Free Shoes Voucher
Centralin Speed Foaming Automatic Dispenser

*Note: Photos are for reference only.

Remember to share the post between 12 noon, 6 October to 28 October 2022 (up to 6 pm), results will be announced on 4 November 2022 in this website and the Chest Facebook page.

#Details of Facebook prize game will be announced in October 2022 on The Community Chest Facebook Page.For prize game details please refer to the terms and conditions.

May all winners please email the following information to dress@commchest.org on or before 11 November 2022 for prizes collection arrangement:
1. Facebook account name
2. Full name
3. Contact number
4. Email address

Winner List


This year, Chest has invited a local illustrator Kazy Chan pitched in to design Dress Casual Day 2022 promotional materials. Two kinds of Dress Casual Day 2022 wallpapers have been specially designed for download. Participants can crop the image into different sizes to fit with their electronic devices (including mobile / desktop / tablet / smartwatch) and set as wallpaper, to share the positive message of integrating philanthropy into your everyday life everywhere with families and friends.

(October 2022)


Each year, the Chest organises fund-raising events to benefit over 165 social welfare member agencies that reach out to more than 2.5 million beneficiaries in Hong Kong in six major areas of services: children & youth, elderly, family & child welfare, medical & health, rehabilitation & aftercare, and community development.
The Chest’s administrative expenses come from a subsidised grant from our partner-in-charity, The Hong Kong Jockey Club, and return from prudent investment. This allows the Chest to allocate 100% of funds raised to charitable use; this operations model makes the Chest unique among its peers, and helps fulfil its mission to act as trustee of the donors.

Children and Youth Services

“Children and Youth Services" provide caring services, support services and various developmental and training projects to help children and youth acquire well-rounded personal growth and overcome difficulties in their lives.

Elderly Services

The ultimate goals of “Elderly Services” are to encourage and assist people to take care of their senior family members; to provide multi-dimensional services for senior citizens to join in community activities, to demonstrate their strengths and to enable them enjoy good health and have a sense of security, belonging and worthiness.

Family and Child Welfare Services

The ultimate goals of "Family and Child Welfare Services" are to maintain and strengthen family bonding, to encourage mutual support relationship among family members; to help them prevent and cope with individual or family problems; as well as to provide services for their unmet needs.

Medical & Health Services

"Medical & Health Services" aim to support patients and their family members in better managing their daily lives and to improve their quality of life; to advocate healthy living style and provide preventive education on different diseases among members of the community to achieve holistic development.

Rehabilitation and Aftercare Services

"Rehabilitation Services" aim to acknowledge the equal rights of people with disabilities to be full members of the community by assisting them in developing their physical, mental and social capabilities to the fullest possible extent and to promote their integration into the community.

Community Development Services

"Community Development Services" aim at promoting social relationship and cohesion within the community, and to encourage the participation of individuals in solving community problems and improving the quality of community life.


Participants can donate to the Chest by the following methods:
(i) Write a crossed cheque payable to “The Community Chest of Hong Kong”; or
(ii) Deposit the donations into the Chest’s bank accounts.
[Bank of China (Hong Kong): 012-874-0-008588-4 or Hang Seng Bank: 280-157553-001] ; or
(iii) Use the e-wallet / mobile app which supports FPS to input the FPS ID of Chest (1034495 or 1902584) /
scan the QR code below to make donation; or

Enable the QR code scanner of your mobile banking app or e-wallet

(iv) Use WeChat Pay HK through WeChat app* or scan the QR code below to make donation.
*Open WeChat app, scan the QR code or tap “Me” at the bottom right corner > tap “Services” >
“Charity” and then choose the The Community Chest Dress Casual Day to make donation.

Open WeChat app to scan the QR code

Co-ordinators should consolidate all donations and send in the payment reference(s) or cheque(s), together with Enrolment Form, Donation Summary Form and Donation Record Form(s) to the Chest Office by post / email within one month after the event day.

Official receipts will be issued to donors who contribute HK$100 or above.


Holder of this coupon is entitled to a HK$200 discount on net purchase of HK$1,000 or above* OR 20% off on net purchase of HK$2,000 or above*. For every coupon redeemed, German Pool will donate HK$100 to The Community Chest of Hong Kong.

*For original-priced items only.

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Tencent Charity Foundation will make an extra donation of HK$20 for every participant joining the Dress Casual Day 2022 with a total cap of HK$10 million to encourage more participation and more funds could be raised to benefit the needy in Hong Kong.

The Community Chest of Hong Kong is grateful for the generosity of its partner-in-charity, The Hong Kong Jockey Club, which makes possible the allocation of 100% of the donations to 168 social welfare member agencies - without deduction of administrative costs - to benefit millions in Hong Kong every year.