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Dress Casual Day 2017
#WEARIAM Be Yourself

This year's Dress Casual Day aims to raise money for those in need, there's more….

The idea of raising funds by putting on fun clothes originated from the United States and started in Hong Kong in 1993, it has since become popular with more people participating every year. To make it more fun, we have a theme every year. This year, it's WEARIAM.

Be true to yourself, wear something you really like on the day and enjoy!

play_circle_filled video

Everybody #WEARIAM

The 2017 Community Chest Dress Casual Day has a fun activity for everyone – simply post your photos (square sized) on Facebook or Instagram using hashtag #weariam, there are chances your photos will be displayed and you will win prizes! Members of Supper Moment and Community Chest colleagues will choose 100 photos among the entries and all winners receive a special gift sponsored by Skechers. Remember to post your photos between 22 September to 13 October 2017 (up to 12 noon), results will be announced on 16 October.

The photos are updated twice a day, all entries will not be used for purposes other than the above competition, for details please refer to the terms and conditions.

May all winners please email the following information to dress@commchest.org on or before 20 October 2017 for gift pack collection arrangement:

1. Facebook / Instagram account name

2. Full name

3. Contact number

4. Email address

Winner List


100% of all donations we receive go straight to the services – our administrative expenses do not come from the donations. They come from a subsidized grant from the Hong Kong Jockey Club and our investment returns. Our office is rented out to us by the HKJC with a nominal rent of HK$1 each year. This operation model makes us unique among charity organizations anywhere in the world.

In 2017/2018, donations are used to fund services from 161 social welfare agencies, with some funding going to designated services as requested by donors.

Children and Youth Services

"Children and Youth Services" provide caring services, support services and various developmental and training projects to help children and youth acquire well-rounded personal growth and overcome difficulties in their lives.

"Family and Child Welfare Services"

The ultimate goals of "Family and Child Welfare Services" are to maintain and strengthen family bonding, to encourage mutual support relationship among family members; to help them prevent and cope with individual or family problems; as well as to provide services for their unmet needs.

Medical & Health Services

"Medical & Health Services" aim to support patients and their family members in better managing their daily lives and to improve their quality of life; to advocate healthy living style and provide preventive education on different diseases among members of the community to achieve holistic development.

Community Development Services

"Community Development Services" aim at promoting social relationship and cohesion within the community, and to encourage the participation of individuals in solving community problems and improving the quality of community life.

Rehabilitation and Aftercare Services

"Rehabilitation services" aim to acknowledge the equal rights of people with disabilities to be full members of the community by assisting them in developing their physical, mental and social capabilities to the fullest possible extent and to promote their integration into the community.

Elderly Services

The ultimate goals of eldery services are to encourage and assist people to take care of their senior family members; to provide multi-dimensional services for senior citizens to join in community activities, to demonstrate their strengths and to enable them enjoy good health and have a sense of security, belonging and worthiness.


Participants Will Enjoy the Following Offers

Enjoy 15% off on all regular-priced items at AGATHA Paris Stores at Times Square and China Hong Kong City.

enjoy 15% off at Moon Thai / Erawan Thai Premium.

Enjoy a 15% off upon ordering cream cake of 2lbs or above at Orchid Padaria.

Enjoy a HK$100 discount on net purchase of HK$400 or above for any 2017 Fall Winter single item* in mens’ /ladies’ wear & shoes and handbags departments at Sincere and SU-PA-DE-PA.

*Inapplicable to designated items and Sincere Bargain Roadshow.

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